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Service Polymers proudly offers a full lineup of bioplastics from Green Dot. These products give product designers the ability to reduce the environmental impact of plastic products without sacrificing product performance.











Starch Composites

A USDA-certified biobased plastic that’s incredibly versatile and capable of withstanding high temperatures, starch-based composites are suitable for either rigid or pliable plastic applications. Green Dot’s Terratek SC line lets you replace up to 65 percent of your plastic product with renewable materials.

Wood-Plastic Composites

Made from reclaimed wood fibers and either virgin, recycled or biodegradable plastic, wood-plastic composites combine the manufacturing possibilities of plastics with the aesthetics and durability of wood. These customizable composite materials are easy to work with, durable and can be made to achieve a variety of looks and feels.


Starch-based biodegradables can help decrease landfill volumes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are ideal for single-use disposable products. These materials may be rigid or pliable and can be customized to desired physical properties.


Strong and durable, yet flexible, Terratek Flex is the market’s first bioplastic elastomer verified to meet both U.S. and E.U. standards for compostability, and tested by NSF Laboratories to meet the strictest international toy safety standards. The material has an exquisite soft touch, and is ideal for scenting.

By using organic materials as its base, not fossil fuels, GDH-B1 means a lighter carbon footprint and reduced carbon emissions overall.  GDH-B1 is suitable for injection molding, profile extrusion and blown film extrusion.

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